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FinSA&FinIA – what is it about?


On January 1st, 2020 the Financial Services Act (FinSA) and the Financial Institutions Act (FinIA) apply in Switzerland. The FinSA provides for a staged code of conduct for financial service providers in line with the protection requirements of customers and contains a comprehensive revision of prospectus law. The FinIA introduces cross-sector, risk-based supervision of financial institutions. Financial service providers not supervised under previous law will become subject to authorisation. This applies in particular to asset managers and trustees. The two laws aim to strengthen customer protection and create a regulatory “level playing field”, thus contributing to the system security and competitiveness of the financial market. FinSA&FinIA put Swiss financial market regulation on a new footing. We provide you with an overview of the most important contents and developments.


Financial Services Act
What quality standards do employees of financial service providers have to meet, what duties of conduct apply to which customer group, who has to be entered in the advisor register, what is the purpose of the ombudsman and by when must the FinSA be implemented? Find out more here - and also about other questions about FinSA.


Financial Institutions Act
Who is subject to the FinIA, what are the most important general licensing requirements for financial institutions, how is the supervisory system structured and by when must the FinIA be implemented? Find out more here - and also about other questions about the FinIA.

What do the new regulations mean for my enterprise?

We inform you about the specific requirements FinSA&FinIA impose on the individual financial service providers.

FinSA&FinIA news

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We support you in all matters relating to the new laws, e.g. with the adaptation of your existing internal directives and contracts or in the licensing process with FINMA.

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